1. Chieko Clouden Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a unique explainer video ( $550 )

    Let me create a classy animation for you; a unique piece that will make you proud! Don't waste time with generic solutions and start promoting your business with a custom presentation.

    For more than 10 years, I've been bringing compelling stories to life through the use of motion graphics, animation and post-production visual effects. Now, I can help you create an appealing video that will explain what your service/product/business does, how it works and why is it so special. 

    I guarantee high quality & polished animations. I'm extremely committed to my work and want to push every project to it's maximum. In the end, it gives you a higher value - certainly in the eyes of your audience.

    Contact me if you don't have graphics ready for your project or you need a specific look. I work with super talented illustrators that can respond to any request and bring even higher level of quality.

    If you are ready, let's build something special together!

    ** If you contact me before placing the order, I could send you a custom offer with probably faster delivery times based on my schedule, and with some other benefits.
    1. Chieko Clouden

      Yes, I always add some nice intro with a custom logo animation. I will see what works best for your logo.

    1. Chieko Clouden

      I’m a senior motion designer with 10+ years in the industry. I work with animation professionally and my focus is on quality. If you are looking for cheap & ordinary, this gig is not for you.

    1. Chieko Clouden

      You need to provide a project description, written script, storyboard (optional), logo, brand guidelines (optional), images, videos and any other asset that you think I will need to start working on your project.

    1. Chieko Clouden

      This gig includes standard motion graphics elements. That means that I will create a lot of stuff on the go, like typography, animated icons, design elements etc. However, if you need a specific look that requires custom illustrations, contact me and I will give you a quote.

    1. Chieko Clouden

      If you don’t have it already, I can create a simple drawn storyboard that will be enough to explain what we are making and to clearly visualize all the shots & timings.

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