1. Antoinette Jenista Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a visually dynamic case study or testimonial video ( $5000 )

    The legends of case study testimonials have come to Fiverr Pro! Colormatics has done over one hundred testimonial interviews over the last five years and we've become the best in the business. We take an interesting conversation and make it captivating with professional lighting, dynamic camera movement, and multiple cameras. We then add b-roll from gimballed camera moves, timelapse videos, and drone photography to make sure every important statement is underscored. We finalize the video with great music, sound mixing, lower third titles, and a motion graphics opening.

    We've done this for some of the biggest clients in the world: American Express, AT&T, H&M, Macallan and, of course, Fiverr. Let us do this for you.
    1. Antoinette Jenista

      If you live within a two-hour drive of New York, NY, we’ll come to you no problem. If you live further away, we love to travel! Message us and we will produce a custom quote covering our travel. Otherwise, you can always come to the New York area where we will make arrangements to shoot here.

    1. Antoinette Jenista

      Message us about your project and we will send you a brief questionnaire with some questions that will help define the goals of the project and the visual aesthetic you are looking for. We’ll deliver a custom estimate and some visual references for the project.

    1. Antoinette Jenista

      We work with a well-trained crew and use the best camera and lighting for roaming photography. Our team of editors knows what makes an excellent video and work to get the best moments to shine in your video. Our history with our clients and our body of work speak for themselves.

    1. Antoinette Jenista

      Colormatics has experience creating everything from feature-length films to commercials and we love to help our clients make cool videos. Just message us to find out how we can help you do that.

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