1. Colene Elwell Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a website focused on local SEO ( $2500 )

    If you want to rank number one on page one in the world you are crazy

    But if you want to rank number one page one in your city that's another story.

    Don't believe us? search for "inbound marketing in Miami"  we should be on the top 3 organic results depending on how much the big G love us today.

    We'll develop a site for you containing all the necessary tools tweaks and information so you can get as close as you can to page one.

    We'll modify your company information to please the search engine, program at least 2 posts, add original images, create you Google my business site and link all your social media channels, we'll also modify your business info across all social media channels.

    What's under the hood?

    1. Content, no spam of any kind
    2. A Google my business listing
    3. Reviews from your customers
    4. Alt text on every image
    5. Active social media accounts
    6. An active blog

    But none of this matters if you have a mediocre server, that's why we designed our server on G cloud (we are google partners after all) using reverse engineering, we took everything they ask for on a technical level and put it on our server.

    Your site will be hosted on our server for a year.
    1. Colene Elwell

      Your marketing campaigns will love an SEO friendly site and this will boost your add position and your conversion rate.

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