1. Richie Gapinski Answer

    I found that guy: I will create a world class logo, like I did for apple

    Rob Janoff and his team are industry professionals of the highest calibre. As the designer of the Apple logo Rob has enjoyed a career of some 35 years at the top of the US advertising industry. His work on national and international brands perfectly positions him to achieve success for your new corporate image or rebrand.

    With a strong understanding of commercial profitability, Rob's studio focusses on the importance of optimizing revenue opportunities for large and small businesses. 

    A logo is not a picture - it is a graphic reflection of your company's personality, your vision for the future and the brand values you embrace. As one of the world's foremost visual communicators, Rob's proprietary design approach ensures each logo has an identity.

    Rob Janoff is actively involved in the agency and very hands on. As time and budget allows he designs and directs the work to ensure his vision is realized.

    For large companies looking for bespoke branding opportunities we offer on-site meetings with Mr Janoff at your location, including intensive brand workshops, logo design, strategic deployment and ongoing marketing packages from US$50,000. 
    1. Richie Gapinski

      Yes, he designed the Apple logo while he was an art director at the famous agency Regis McKenna. Rob later worked on Apple ad campaigns at Chiat Day. Over the next 35 years he worked on many household brands at the top of the US advertising industry, including Intel, IBM, Kleenex, SC Johnson & more

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