1. Reuben Heistand Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an amazing animated ad for your marketing campaign ( $550 )

    Yans Media is a design-driven animation boutique. We create original custom-made videos for companies and brands. Our videos help business connect with the customers. 

    Production Process
    1-Brief & Concept
    We understand your company and your goals for the video and put together a creative direction and concept.

    Our creative team puts their heads together for crafting a script that effectively, conveys your message

    We’ll sketch out a storyboard that shows how the script will play out – scene by scene.

     2-3 custom, full-color visuals will give you a great idea of what the finished video will look like. Depending on your video, may include text, characters, backgrounds, icons and more!

    You’ll select a professional from our hand-picked group of male and female voice artists to deliver your very important message.

    We take your brand's assets, awesome illustrations and move on to putting our words into action. 

    7-Sound Design

    We’ll find that perfect song for your video and add in sound effects for the finishing touch.

    Finally, your video is ready to be shared with the world.
    1. Reuben Heistand

      We have created more than 200 videos for various industries and most probably the answer will be YES. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for in our portfolio, please reach us out.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      There is no one style that is better than the other. However, we can advise you and suggest the best and the most cost-effective solution.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      We work with an in-house team as well as multiple highly skilled freelancers from all around the globe to deliver our premium video content.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      We’ll deliver the video in HD format. Yes, of course, you can upload it to YouTube or any other video hosting you want.
      If you need any other video format, please let us know and we’ll also send it to you.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      At each step in the process, you will have up to 2 rounds of revisions, with the exception of the voiceover stage.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      Yes, we can create multiple videos for you at the same time but this will increase the turnaround time slightly depending on the number of videos.

    1. Reuben Heistand

      We work with professional scriptwriters that make videos for amazing brands. However, if you send us your script, we could give it a look and tell you if it could work for the objective you are looking for.

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