1. Dottie Ghee Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an amazing ink illustration for any media ( $120 )

    In the basic gig you'll get a unique ink illustration ready for print on any media, includes a simple background (T-shirts, books, posters, etc.)
    In the standard illustration you'll get a more detailed ink artwork (different thickness of lines, patterns, etc.) with a defined background. It can be printed in any media.
    The premium gig, besides the extremely detailed artwork for main characters and background includes color  and you can printed in any media.
    In all gigs the illustration will be created and delivered at a high resolution file 600 dpi, so you can print it in any surface you want and in different sizes.
    You can send me a reference or a description with the main idea you want me to develop.
    I like to know the client's expectations regarding style and final artwork so I usually develop mood boards with the client, so that we are both in the same page all the time and we can found the best solution. I also recommend a certain style or approach depending on what kind of project it is, but I always listen first to what is that the client is going for.

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