1. Lorretta Swisshelm Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an amazon alexa audio streaming skill ( $100 )

    Today, around 39 million people, every one in six Americans, own a smart speaker. If you have a Podcast and Radio streams/ Internet Radio Channel, creating an Audio Streaming skill will help you grow and engage with your audience.

    As a top Amazon Echo Alex skill team, we have built a large number of Audio Streaming Skills for our clients! Take a look at the PDF (3rd Gig image) or the 2nd question in the FAQ session, the list is a great representation of our teams skillset to create complex features with engaging results for each skill package (Basic, Standard, and Premium)! 

    We build Audio Streaming skills supporting URL or Podcast, special welcome messages in either .txt file or .mp3 audio file, and different language versions. Furthermore, we help add extra streaming URLS playing based on location by Zipcode, city, or country. In addition, we build multiple URLs into 1 audio streaming skill, and you can use different names to invoke them separately. Here are examples for the premium package: 

    DPark Radio

    • Build 2 different URLs into 1 Audio Streaming skill.

    Sam FM

    • Support 4 different URLs in 15 different cities in the UK (United Kingdom).
    1. Lorretta Swisshelm

      Here is how we handle your skill order:
      1. Collect details for your requirement of the skill;
      2. Technical Group Discussion on the skill;
      2. Design VUI based on your requirement;
      3. Client VUI review;
      4. Build the skill;
      5. Internal testing;
      6. User testing;
      7. Submit to Amazon for approval

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