1. Tiesha Esbensen Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an animated explainer video ( $3500 )

    It's now official: video has overtaken content as king in online marketing.

    If you are not using it in your marketing strategy, then you are losing visibility, leads and ultimately profits both today and far into the future.


    People like visual content; its bite-size delivery simply enhances communication and trust between you and your audience. In online marketing, video must and should be a part of your strategy for long-term success. 

    A study by Google showed that 68% of YouTubers made purchasing decisions after watching a short movie.

    With analysts predicting that 80% of all consumers will come through video by 2019 and 52% of marketers confirming video as having the best ROI, now is the time to get started.

    But don’t make the mistake of using low-quality templates that make you look bad (or worse)!

    Make an amazing video with professional production values. I provide a full-service, one-stop shop in creating a video that grabs your audience and never lets go. 

    My portfolio says it all: https://www.fiverr.com/users/frank_d/portfolio

    It's time to join the video marketing revolution with content that increases your leads and bottom line.
    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      Unfortunately, I do not offer a discount for providing materials at this time. Integrating VO tracks and scripts into a video is a time-consuming process which requires intense attention to detail and an expert’s skillful eye for a premium end result without “cutting corners”.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      Once you have ordered, I will send you a form to fill in with your project details. After this, I will schedule a call at a time convenient to you to discuss the project in more depth and get a full debriefing. No inbox messages to deal with here–just a streamlined consultation.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      I am a graduate of the School of Motion’s animation program and a fully-licensed director of TV and film with over eight years of experience under my belt. All of this experience and professionalism will be condensed into your 60-second video for a powerful, engaging message that converts.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      I create the original artwork myself using Adobe Illustrator, which is then animated by hand using Adobe’s After Effects for a unique, one-of-a-kind video. Your video, in other words, is 100% customized from the bottom up. Templates are a great tool–but will never come close to custom creativity.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      The video I create will be created once you have given approval to the storyboard and script I provide. This is your final opportunity to request design or VO changes. The only exception to this rule is if I make a mistake or oversight —a rare occurrence— I will immediately fix this for you.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      I offer professional expertise and a one-stop shop, end-to-end video service. My pricing represents not only the superb product that you will receive, but also timely delivery and the complete absence of micro-management. Others may cut corners… but still take your hard-earned dime in the end.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      The videos are all 60 seconds long. Why? To put it simply, people’s attention spans are shrinking. A 60-second video rat-a-tats the information they need in that short window of opportunity. As people grow more sophisticated with online marketing, they simply want the “elevator pitch”.

    1. Tiesha Esbensen

      No. My style of artwork and animation is the result of over eight years of fine-tuning for a premium end product. I will exercise full creative freedom to deliver an amazing video in that style. Asking me to use another style will lead to a poor imitation and a substandard product.

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