1. Vernice Lueker Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an app preview video featuring its UI ( $2000 )

    App preview videos are a great way to increase your downloads and your SEO ranking in App Stores! We’ve created several app videos for our clients that walk a user through what your app does and why they should use. We make them easy to understand and fun, so they’re more engaging! A few seconds of video can translate to hundreds of downloads!

    A single app preview can be used for multiple purposes. It can act as a how-to video, a social media ad or even an explainer for your website. The possibilities are endless. 

    If you can't find the package that suits your needs, we can help you with a custom offer. Think of elements like:

    • Animated intro
    • Motion graphics
    • Video length
    • Multiple versions of your video for various platforms
    • Choice of music
    • Clickable link to your landing page, embedded into the video 
    • Incorporating longer live action shots

    Feel free to reach out with any questions! 

    1. Vernice Lueker

      We will choose a track to match the beat of your app’s screen flow and branding, but you’re welcome to share styles that you like and we will try our best to find something similar.

    1. Vernice Lueker

      Absolutely doable! We can create a custom package for you. Just contact us with your requirements, and we’ll send you a quote ASAP.

    1. Vernice Lueker

      The preview videos are about 30 seconds. But we can create a custom package if your preview needs to be longer.

    1. Vernice Lueker

      App preview videos help explain what and how your app does, by walking a user through the UI and UX. They help increase your SEO on the app store too, so it’s very beneficial to have one.
      The best part is they are also useful explainer videos for your website, ads and any other marketing/branding.

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