1. Armandina Laudeman Answer

    I found that guy: I will create an excel macro with excel vba ( $195 )

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the more redundant parts of your Excel reporting processes performed automatically

    Are you worrying about handling larger amounts of data and do you want to avoid manual mistakes in your excel file? 

    Do you run everyday Excel tasks to cleanup and format data that are very time consuming?

    If you replied YES, then I am here to help by creating an Excel macro with VBA.
    As an excel veteran with 10+ years of experience in macro development, I can assist with automating simple and complex excel tasks.

    Macros massively save you time and expand the functionality of your excel files. You can:

    • Automate the creation of quotes, purchase orders, invoices
    • Automatically remove duplicates in two spreadsheets
    • Create user forms to guide your users through the file
    • Add new and custom buttons to the Excel menu
    • Find and delete corrupt data or blank entries
    • Import and export data from/to other files
    • Automatically create charts from your data with the click of a button
    • Speed up processes with just a single click of a button.

    Please click on the green "Contact Me" button on the right and let's discuss your project before buying.
    1. Armandina Laudeman

      I sure do. When you or your employees need coaching or encounter a problem while using Excel, I am happy to assist you in a short call with screen sharing, to virtually look over your shoulder and help you out. Please also check out my other gigs if you need assistance.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      As one of my main goals is to create long-term relationships with my clients, I always provide support after I deliver my work in case of errors or support.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      I have 10+ Years of experience in Excel, Macro and VBA development, and have previously worked as a controller, business consultant and project manager. Apart from that, I have consulted companies of all sizes across all industries with various Excel tasks as a freelancer.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      Please get in contact with me before buying this gig, so we can talk about your requirements and I have the chance to evaluate whether this is a quick turnaround or a project that needs more than a few quick lines of code.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      I sure am. Having spent a year in the United States and having two former english-speaking superiors, my english skills are really good.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      Being a PRO seller means that I am a hand-vetted professional and field expert seller here on Fiverr. PRO statuses are given through a rigorous application and screening process and are only assigned to sellers who have mastered their craft.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      The better I understand your requirements, the better I can estimate the project complexity and the required timeframe for implementation.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      Sure, just get in touch and let’s discuss the purpose for which you need a template / tool, and I will see if I have something fitting in my portfolio.

    1. Armandina Laudeman

      A custom built macro can help you to automate the tasks like you want them. You do not have to change the structure of your data or workflows, as the macro will be customized for you so you have little to zero impact on your regular way of dealing with data.

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