1. Numbers Gordils Answer

    I found that guy: I will create ap style press releases to help you earn coverage ( $150 )

    If you are looking for an experienced press release writing professional, you've come to the "write" spot!

    As a 12-year public relations professional, I have spent over a decade writing SEO-optimized, AP Styled press releases that produce media coverage.

    As an experienced professional, I am comfortable writing about various topics for various industries. My main experience is in automotive, multicultural, high tech B2B, food and beverage and multi-housing.

    By purchasing this gig, you will be guaranteed:
    • An SEO-optimized press release
    • Header and subheader
    • (Optional) boiler copy
    • Revisions
    • Expert recommendations
    • Access to me for hashing out a long-term press plan

    If you want more than what is offered in my packages, be sure to check out my gig add-ons!  I am happy to pitch up to 5 local or national media outlets.

    I am eager to work with you. So, what's it going to take for us to get started?!?

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