1. Maurine Desutter Answer

    I found that guy: I will create awesome professional explainer animation ( $5195 )

    We are going to create a professional studio-grade explainer video for your company with rich 2D graphics, character animation and even some 3D.

    This style has a great futuristic feel and works perfectly for IT companies and hi-tech products. We can make it even more appealing with solid character design. 

    Our pro copywriters are ready to create a script with a storyboard for you, so you can see the whole process of producing an animation unravelling before you. This gives you better understanding of how everything works and puts you in control of all stages.
    1. Maurine Desutter

      Sure, we can. We translate to almost every European language with our vendors. We have vendors who also work with Asian languages, but they generally cost extra.

    1. Maurine Desutter

      Basically, almost every great product or service presentation can be fit into 90 seconds timeframe. Sometimes it’s possible to shrink to 60 seconds without losing much. 120 seconds are quite rare for us, but we tend to make them from time to time.

    1. Maurine Desutter

      Sure, we can create a script from scratch. We just need your ideas and a little bit of time to make the magic happen. Scripts cost 400USD extra.

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