1. Darrin Lanna Answer

    I found that guy: I will create colorful digital illustrations ( $150 )

    I'm a young freelance illustrator who will create colorful digital for your personal use or professional projects.

    I have previously worked as a junior art director in a Parisian start up where I have learned about the industry and the needs of the market.
    I am now a full-time freelance illustrator and want to create great quality expressive illustrations that fit the demand.

    I love experiencing with different styles but I tend to stick with colorful digital illustrations that still have a traditional feel to them.

    Here on Fiverr I am offering you square illustrations.

    If you buy more than 1 square illustration you can either have 2 or 3 different illustrations or they can be combined together to create rectangular illustrations or to be used as a banner. 

    Please message me before placing an order so we can talk about your project and find the best way and best ideas together to create the perfect illustration!

    After order I'll send you sketches and swatches so we can work through the illustration together and see what works best for you.

    I am working on Adobe Photoshop from sketch to finished product.

    For any questions don't hesitate to message me!
    1. Darrin Lanna

      After the order has been approved we will talk about what you want in the illustration (characters, objects, colors, etc.) and I will come back to you with a sketch and color swatches and when you’re satisfied with the composition and color swatches I will work on the finished product.

    1. Darrin Lanna

      No, but I can provide you with a file that is good enough for printing so that you can give it to a printer or print it yourself.
      If you are thinking of printing the illustration please let me know beforehand!

    1. Darrin Lanna

      If you want a background you will have to choose it in the options and pay extra. If not there will only be a colored background with no details (only color).

    1. Darrin Lanna

      Yes, but you will have to buy a “2 square illustrations” or a “3 square illustrations” pack so that we can combine 2 or 3 square illustrations into rectangles.

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