1. Patricia Kuehnel Answer

    I found that guy: I will create custom hand crafted logo design ( $500 )

    Who Are We? 

    We are a graphic design couple Ivan and Irina Gashevski coming from Skopje, Macedonia. We have 8 years of working experience in Logo Design and Brand Identity and have more than 600 satisfied customers worldwide. 

    Why Choose Us? 

    We are both highly skilled logo and brand professionals. Ivan has worked on "Graphic Design and Animation" and Irina has experience in "Fashion Design" and we both have master degrees in "Graphic Design and Branding"

    We work together on every project that we come across to make sure that we see the design from every angle possible. We are both committed to making sure that you are happy with our deliverables and service.

    We promise you that your provided logo will be unique!

    The Design Process

    Before we start we will provide you with a questionnaire and interview you, once we have all the info we need we will start the project and continue with:

    1. Research, 
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Sketching
    4. Creating the concepts in Illustrator and build presentations.

    Contact Us

    Have questions? Please contact us before placing a order, we will be more than happy to chat with you further.
    1. Patricia Kuehnel

      We will learn more about the company, the industry itself, competitors and requirements. Will create a private Pinterest inspiration board, where together we will collect images, text, fonts, patterns and all sort of images that will help us build this brand.

    1. Patricia Kuehnel

      This process is where we take everything we have learned from the provided brief and the research into consideration and start thinking of possible logo options.

    1. Patricia Kuehnel

      This is the last step where we will create mockups/previews so you can have a better understanding how it will look in real life.

    1. Patricia Kuehnel

      Putting options onto paper and research if someone has already done something similar, this is the most important step since we only provide unique logos.

    1. Patricia Kuehnel

      Brand Guidelines (also commonly referred to as “brand standards”, “style guide” or “brand book”) are essentially a set of rules that explain how your brand works. These guidelines typically include basic information such as:

      – Logo usage
      – Colour palette
      – Type style
      – Image style/photography

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