1. August Coberly Answer

    I found that guy: I will create digital illustrations for screen or print media ( $130 )

    I will create digital illustrations for any project you are developing. My style span from vector, flat and simple illustrations to more complex, textured and intricate designs mixing many techniques that include hand and tablet drawing, photo collage and since I usually work doing theatre production artwork as well as movie posters and CD artwork, I tend to use a lot of typography and lettering within my illustrations.

    I normally prefer to know the people I work with and discuss about the project so I can fully understand it and start making notes right away. I like to know the client's expectations regarding style and final artwork so I usually develop moodboards with the client, so that we are both in the same page at all time and we can found the best solution. I usually also recommend a certain style or aproach depending on what kind of project it is, but I always listen first to what is that the client is going for.

    I use adobe programs to develop all the work.

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