1. Corey Laduc Answer

    I found that guy: I will create dynamic custom animated explainer video ( $1990 )

    I will deliver professionally animated video that explains exactly what makes your business unique.

    • Get customers to feel "Wow, what an amazing enterprise!"
    • Be remembered by using proven marketing techniques that work! 
    • Create trust and understanding for your company!
    • Turn your website visitors into customers! 

    Please let's take a look on production process:
    1. Research
    Brainstorming for the fresh ideas.

    2. Script (Available in the extras +$400)
    Creating an energetic script based on the “Why, How, What” model.  

    3. Animatic
    Shooting successive sketched sections of a future storyboard.

    4. Storyboard
    Drawing the images and characters for your video being aware of the colour and shapes psychology.

    5. Animation
    Dynamics, overlapping action and followthrough are mandatory! 

    6. Voice-over  (Available in the extras +$100)
    Recording the artist’s voice to make your animation even more emotional and engaging.

    7. Sounds and music  (Available in the extras +$30 or +$1200)
    Adding some carefully-chosen sound effects and adding a music.

    8. Delivery
    ​Releasing the video with the highest resolution.

    Any questions? Feel free to drop me a message.

    Warmest Regards,
    1. Corey Laduc

      If you have any concept of the video – this is fine but every time before starting with a project we schedule 30-60 minute call where we talk about your business and brainstorm ideas for your story-driven animation.

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