1. Roxann Matson Answer

    I found that guy: I will create explainer video in outline graphics style ( $2350 )

    We are going to create a professional studio-grade explainer video in the outline style graphics for your company, your presentation pitch, or an upcoming ICO.

    Outline style is fast to produce and looking both neat and tidy. Just what you want from an explainer video you are going to use on your awesome website, or an upcoming presentation. 

    Here's a growing list of animations we've done in this style:

    Please note: Script is not included in the gig pricing. We highly recommend working on the script with us. It is going to be crafted by pro copywriters and includes a storyboard, so you can see the whole process of making an animation unravelling before you.  

    One more thing: Please contact us before you place the order. The outlined production timings are valid only when we have all the information at hand, this stage might take up to 2-4 days.
    1. Roxann Matson

      Sure, we can create a script from scratch. We just need your ideas and a little bit of time to make the magic happen. Scripts cost 400USD extra.

    1. Roxann Matson

      Basically, almost every great product or service presentation can be fit into 90 seconds timeframe. Sometimes it’s possible to shrink to 60 seconds without losing much. 120 seconds are quite rare for us, but we tend to make them from time to time.

    1. Roxann Matson

      Our production process is built as simple consecutive steps: Script / Storyboard / VO / Design / Animation.

      You are able to decide what to change exactly at that stage.
      Changing anything from a previous stage doesn’t count as a revision and counts towards extra costs.

    1. Roxann Matson

      Sure, we can. We translate to almost every European language with our vendors. We have vendors who also work with Asian languages, but they generally cost extra.

    1. Roxann Matson

      This gig specifically don’t include them, but we can animate characters for extra costs that are based on the storyboard.

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