1. Pattie Mcculla Answer

    I found that guy: I will create fashion photography campaign for your brand ( $1200 )

    I am a NYC based commercial photographer with more than 10 years of international expertise in lifestyle & fashion. My work was featured in various global exhibitions and well-known magazines (such as New York Post, Business Insider, Vogue Italia etc.). I am passionate about my work and had the opportunity to work with many brand names such as: Vodafone, Axe, Panasonic, Nissan, Nescafe, Tag Heuer, Piaget, Chevrolet, L`Oreal, Montblanc and many more.

    My offer:

    • Product lifestyle photography session in New York City 
    • Exclusive style, idea, and editing
    • High-quality photos for business promotion and advertisement campaigns
    • Package can include the option of a model (male/female)

    My work process:

    • Contact me and describe your business needs
    • Conceptualization of your product and campaign 
    • Ship your products using a tracked delivery
    • Shooting and editing for promotion and advertisement purposes
    • Send you the sample images for approval and selection
    • Retouching the chosen images
    • Receive a link to download the final work
    • Products are shipped at your expense 

    Contact me for kickstart your campaign! 

    1. Pattie Mcculla

      I worked with products which worth over $50000 for the brands located all over the world. I will provide you with some options to minimize your risks.

    1. Pattie Mcculla

      I am doing photography for over 10 years. Many well-known companies, brands, websites, and magazines used my pictures to promote their products or advertise their services.
      My clients: Montblanc, Chevrolet, Axe, Panasonic, Nissan, Vodafone, Nespresso, Nescafe, Handy, Oriflame, TAG Heuer etc.

    1. Pattie Mcculla

      Every project is unique. Please contact me with the following info; a rough brief with reference images, the number of photos you want to be created, and an outline of what you plan to do with the photos and I will help you to select the best option for you.

    1. Pattie Mcculla

      No. It is your responsibility to pay for all shipping costs, including any and all customs and import fees. In addition, if you wish the product to be returned to you, please include a pre-paid return label, invoices, and any other necessary documentation if required.

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