1. Nathanael Grundmann Answer

    I found that guy: I will create handpainted watercolor animated video ( $2500 )

    This gig gives you chance to create something absolutely stunning and like nothing your customers have ever seen before. 

    We combine watercolor painting with computer animation to create longlasting moments. 

    This type of animation is probably the most unique and beaufiul ways of telling your brand's story while having undevoted attention of your viewers. 

    Like one of our customers once said: "This is enchanting and that's the word I reserve for Disney's." 

    Let us assist you in taking your brand to another level. 

    1. Nathanael Grundmann

      You get unlimited revisions in the PREMIUM package, 2 revisions in STANDARD and 1 revision in BASIC. As we go however I can be more flexible.

    1. Nathanael Grundmann

      If you’re ordering a package with included scriptwriting I will need you to fill out our creative brief. I’ll provide you with it after you’ve placed an order.

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