1. Jonathon Veerkamp Answer

    I found that guy: I will create high traffic 360 image rotations ( $175 )

    I will create 360 Product photography to increase views and help you sell more product.

    Interactive 360 image rotation gets more views.I can shoot your beautiful image rotations on a number of different backgrounds. Standard perfect matte white or choose glossy white, matte black or glossy black background sell you products

    Step 1:

    Package and ship your product(s) carefully using a shipping company that can be tracked. If you would like your product (s) back include a prepaid return shipping label.

    Step 2:

    I will receive the product (s) and notify you of the arrival. Prepare the products for photography ( assembly, cleaning, dusting) and photograph the spinset based on the number of images required. The images are edited, color corrected and retouched to assure high-quality images sets.

    Step 3:

    The final image spinset is delivered to you.

    Final step:

    Upload the spinset to your web page, enjoy your high quality product spin.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      Yes, I provide you with the spinset containing all the images. Any one of these images can be pulled (copied) for other uses. You can use any one of the still images for additional use on social media or any other media you desire.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      Yes. Every product is meticulously cleaned and prepared. Any assembly is also taken care of. Backgrounds are chosen and photography begins.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      If you ever heard the term that a professional has more than 10 000 hours doing one thing, well I have more than 10x that shooting food. I use professional standards that my clients understand as being the best in both quality and service. You can depend on a smooth transaction without risk.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      Shipping at your expense. Any duties or custom import taxes are also your responsibility. Returns are done with the provision of a prepaid return label. Please include any other documentation that is required for return.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      In order to view an interactive 360 product it must be loaded into a rich media viewer. The viewer can be hosted by an external 3rd party or internally within your website host. I can send you a list of both external and internal viewers.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      A 360 product image is a set of images ranging in number from 18 to 72 images. This set of images is called a spinset. The more images in a spinset the smoother the product will rotate. You can think of a spinset as a photographic flipbook.

    1. Jonathon Veerkamp

      Yes, I can. Transparent and white items offer a challenge which is overcome through the experience of decades of working with these types of products.

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