1. Anne Schrotenboer Answer

    I found that guy: I will create innovative 3d models and product designs ( $500 )

    I am a trained product designer with experience in bringing projects from idea to production. 

    You're definitely in the right place if:

    • You need help designing and modelling a product 
    • Want to visualise your product
    • Want to bring a product to manufacture

    By using 3D modelling software, I am able to bring your ideas to life. 3D modelling has several benefits;

    • Creating photo-realistic rendered images
    • 3D printing 
    • Technical drawings for manufacture

    When working with clients, I find communication to be one of the most important factors. At each step of my creative process, I will be transparent with you to ensure the work is done with minimal revisions and you are completely happy with the outcome.

    • Project brief: constraints, details, discussion
    • Sketching/concept development
    • 3D modelling
    • Image rendering
    • Technical drawings
    • Revisions

    If you have more questions regarding the process, or just want to discuss your project, please contact me and I can organise an offer that will best fit your project.


    1. Anne Schrotenboer

      A 3D model can be created in a particular format allowing it to be sent to a 3D printer for printing. Bear in mind that a product must be designed so that it is compatible with the process of its production.

    1. Anne Schrotenboer

      A technical drawing is a detailed blueprint of the product meeting industry standards. It includes all parts, dimensions, materials and assembly details.

    1. Anne Schrotenboer

      In the basic package, you receive back, front and side images of the product, these are standard images with a grey background and shadows.

      A context or promotional shot is an image of your product within a background/scene.

    1. Anne Schrotenboer

      A revision is an alteration to the existing work, giving you the opportunity to change minor details such as color and material. Major changes to the design will come at an additional cost, but don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to make any major changes once an initial draft is made up.

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