1. Kirstin Farnes Answer

    I found that guy: I will create, manage and optimize your amazon ams or PPC campaigns

    **Fiverr Verified Pro** We have managed over $6,000,000 in yearly advertising budgets for small to Fortune 500 clients.

    Managing Amazon sponsored product campaigns can be complicated and it's easy to waste ad spend decreasing your bottom line. 

    That’s where we can help.

    We manage and optimize all aspects of AMS/Sponsored Products including:

    • Campaign Management - Increasing sales, lowering ACoS
    • Ongoing Maintenance - improving and scaling your campaigns
    • Keyword Recommendations - terms to increase your visibility, attract new customers and increase your rankings
    • and more!

    The minimum monthly engagement price is displayed and custom quotes are required. This gig is not suitable for individual sellers. Please do not purchase this Gig without contacting us first otherwise it will be canceled. 
    1. Kirstin Farnes

      Please contact me to see if I can work with your products, but I do not work with jewelry and clothing categories.

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