1. James Sibbald Answer

    I found that guy: I will create outstanding product shoots

    This gig is ON because there are some businesses out there that need Talent Right now in a less than 5 day deadline.

    Today, I am booked for a medium term project, that requires my: art, design  and engineering skills.

    I wasn't on top list before, it took me 12 years to get here, to be confirmed by projects, clients, contests, and more recently by Fiverr as a Pro. 

    Sort story, if you want to get perfect renders, on the quality you've seen on big brands, with this GIG you can get that quality in less that 5 days.

    I can guarantee that with 12+ experience in the CG industry, photography, art, graphic and industrial design what will make your products Out-stand and Shine.

    I know how to get your project look amazing, I just need to know what  you are looking to get done ! Yes with no delays. For that I would need the project brief to be as clear as possible, and for the situations where you have the models, include them in the gig.

    If you are not scared by an overqualified designer, and you have any question about the workflow or you need a special offer, feel free to contact me to clarify all of them before we start.

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