1. Desmond Sickler Answer

    I found that guy: I will create personal character designs ( $500 )

    If you need a character design in one posture for or you are looking for your custom character set to use in social networks or messengers, youtube vlog videos or whatever other purpose I am here for you to help. Having big experience in creating sticker packs (characters for messengers) and designs of characters for different brands. You will get real Pro Gig and Pro result in final.

    Why me?
    I am successfully working as a freelance illustrator for more than 10 years drawing for many famous companies and brands from all over the world like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's, Panasonic, TAT, Kinder, Wrigley... But don't be afraid if you are a private client I would be happy to work with you as well.

    • Positive result with the sense of love
    • Can work with your own ideas or do my own
    • More than 10 years on the market
    • My clients are always 100% happy with the result. I am drawing till you like it.

    Depending on the package you may get from one static image of any character (animal, human, alien or object) in one posture with one emotion... Or you might ask me to deliver few of the postures/emotions or different characters in one set.

    Contact me to discuss your ideas together please!
    1. Desmond Sickler

      Actual rates depends on the type of service you need. If you can’t find a package that fits for you, please contact me for a custom offer.

    1. Desmond Sickler

      I can not draw in different style unfortunately. I have my own unique style which you can check out in my portfolio. I am famous for it. I am not working in vector format and not using any mathematical shapes to create my characters. They are all drawn by hand that gives them such a unique look.

    1. Desmond Sickler

      Yes, sure. Some of them are free of charge. Revisions are free for the sketching stage. For instance I do 2-3 simple pencil sketches for you to give a clue how it will look or to get a direction for the project and then if you want we can revise it together for free. Maybe even few times.

    1. Desmond Sickler

      It’s pretty simple yet effective. On each stage you are in control of result. We are discussing initial idea, then I do pencil sketches, then you revise and we can correct anything there. Once you are satisfied and only after that I start coloring. It’s a step by step moving us to success together.

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