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    I found that guy: I will create professionally designed infographics ( $135 )

    About Me: 

    My name is Oscar, with over 18 years of experience in various creative industries and roles, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills. My work is clean, dynamic, quick, and always created with the audience in mind. I take client relationship very seriously, as well as delivering the highest quality service in the most effective way possible.

    Why do you need infographics?

    Infographics is a compilation of data designed in a visual format. The use of infographics can greatly help grow your marketing strategy via social media platforms. 

    Your story is important. However, telling that story online may be not as easy as you hoped. You need a freelancer (like me!) that can help you create a stunning infographic that helps your business. 

    What's the workflow process like?

    1. Send all the required details
    2. Within 5 to 8 days, I will send you the initial concept for your review
    3. You will go over the design and request any revisions

    Please contact me before placing this order. Just send me a message through Fiverr and let's make it happen!

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      I use the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software which includes Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The are the industry standard and will ensure that all files I create will be compatible with printers, designers and anyone else who works on your brand.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      I’m passionate about helping your brand succeed and have the experience to make it happens. I’ve worked as an in-house designer for large corporations, at an ad agency and as a freelancer. The combined learnings from these gives me the ability to provide unique insights and a streamlined process.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      Of course. The moment you sign on with us, you would be able to interact in the current gig and would promptly and effectively intimate you of the status of your infographic design process. You may thus choose to be kept updated on your infographic design at all times.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      Yes. All infographics will be designed to fit in with the color scheme and branding of your website unless you state otherwise in the order comments.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      Once you have ordered an infographic design you are its legal outright copyright owner, and I do not have any claims to it whatsoever. You are able to trademark the infographic design.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      From startups and individuals to established corporations I offer also any kind of graphic and web design services like brochures, flyers, logos, packaging stationary, banners, and also web design and development.

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      Yes! No project is too small or too large. Just because the project is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be designed to the highest standards. Contact me if none of these options fit your needs!!!

    1. Wilfredo Poelman

      Before a project has even started I am working hard to prevent this from happening. This is done by asking questions, a lot of questions and really making sure that I have a complete understanding of your needs. In most cases when a client is unhappy it comes down to bad communication.

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