1. Gregory Cosselman Answer

    I found that guy: I will create SEO content for service providers ( $100 )

    *Packages can be split into multiple pieces with a minimum of 500 words each.

    Hi, I'm Tracy Freese and this is my boutique online marketing agency, Strong Estate LLC. I have been freelancing full-time since 2013. Over the years, I have carved out a niche within the blue-collar service space. You might haul junk or fix toilets, but your written content still needs to shine! We share the same goal - delivering quality results on time and on budget :)

    I love working with respectful buyers around the globe with realistic deadlines and readily available budgets. If that sounds like you, I am eager to hear about your project!

    Our packages are structured to fit common projects but don't hesitate to send us a message and we will fire up a custom gig.

    As a Top Rated Fiverr agency, we offer:

    • Social Media Posts
    • Product Descriptions
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Blog Posts
    • Articles
    • White Papers
    • Manual Rewriting
    • Special Reports
    • Website Content
    • Landing Pages
    • Sales Funnels

    Catch you on the flip side!

    Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP® - Strong Estate LLC

    *We reserve the right to show content in our portfolio.
    1. Gregory Cosselman

      A list of requirements will be sent to you upon transacting. That being said, the overall goal is to know about your topic, how many words you are targeting, and any relevant example URLs you would like me to emulate.

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