1. Jenice Barrile Answer

    I found that guy: I will create unique artistic illustrations ( $300 )

    With my unique illustration style, I can make your business stand out and speak for itself.

    - First, we will talk about your idea and I will give you my suggestions. I prefer to think the entire composition and symbolization and I will do everything I can to obtain a powerful and emotional image.

    - Second, I will deliver your image with my recommendation for color palette and composition (if you think something works better for your we can discuss and change it)

    - Third, I will prepare the final artwork for print. 

    I have 6 years of experience in commercial illustration  including expositions and advertising campaigns and I`ll be glad to use my skills helping you.
    1. Jenice Barrile

      For a specific style we need to discuss, to have a look at some reference images and after I will decide if the style fits my skills or not.

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