1. Odis Bossart Answer

    I found that guy: I will create your digital marketing strategy ( $795 )

    This Gig will transform your marketing performance as I will provide you with a full digital marketing strategy which will help you to better know

    • Your business
    • Your customers
    • Your competition
    • What you REALLY want to achieve
    • How you are going to achieve it
    • How to measure and manage your success

    The strategy will be based on the best practices I have learned over the past 18 years and will be supported by data, analysis and validation. 

    My Premium package includes both your Strategic and Tactical Marketing plan and all that will remain is the implementation of these plans. 

    Delivery times will be subject to you providing me with the information I request within 24 hours. Otherwise the delivery date will be pushed out by the length of your delay. 

    I look forward to working with you and transforming your marketing machine.

    ** Please contact me before placing the order**

    All packages now have limited introductory pricing.

    1. Odis Bossart

      Strategic and Tactical marketing operate the same regardless of industry or location.
      There are basic principles of marketing I can share with you in more detail after we start your gig.

    1. Odis Bossart

      Our parent company, Strategic Internet LLC was founded in 2000 by Shea Ellison who had already been involved in marketing since the mid 1990’s. Our subsidiaries include Strategic Marketing Consultants, Internet Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing Strategies.

    1. Odis Bossart

      We have worked with small businesses operating in multiple languages to Fortune 500 companies with offices in 147 countries. We can handle whatever your needs may be.

    1. Odis Bossart

      Absolutely, we are experts in SEO/SEM/SMO/CRO. We can do many things, but sometimes it is up to you to do some of them. We will educate you and provide resources and tools to help you accomplish what needs to be done. I’ll also share valuable resources with you that will make your job easier.

    1. Odis Bossart

      Yes, we have worked with many companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with great success.
      GV USA Logistics, Linde Gas, Airgas – We provided our Extreme Marketing Makeover service that gave them the opportunity to outsource their marketing efforts for one affordable monthly fee.

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