1. Brittney Saulsbury Answer

    I found that guy: I will create your new website via screenshare

    If you are a solo entrepreneur / independent consultant or starting a brand new business or organization, and need an attractive yet professional marketing website that entices users to take the next step (e.g. fill out a contact form), look no further.

    All of our sites are built on Squarespace, and they endorse us as experts on the platform. Sites are fully mobile-friendly ("responsive") and have all of the features you need built-in, including hosting and support, for a low monthly rate.

    Our unique process:

    1. Answer our intro questions and/or fill out a quick project brief
    2. Send us your content and/or fill out our content document template (for up to 5-6 total website pages)
    3. We can do either two 1.5 hour screenshare sessions or one 3-hour screenshare session
    4. We'll launch your site on your domain and show you how to perform basic maintenance (e.g. swap out text/images).

    Please view the right side of the right side of this page - the "My Portfolio" section - to see a few examples of my work.

    Let's create a modern and attractive website together that makes you look professional and entices people to reach out -- very easily and affordably.
    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      Some clients have all of their content and we finish everything in one 3-hour screenshare. Some clients need to split it into two screenshare sessions and take some time to prepare more before our final session.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      If you do not already have a domain / want to buy a new one, we strongly recommend GoDaddy. If you want to use an existing domain, that is easy to implement.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      Squarespace is a Content Management System (CMS) that we use to create an attractive website that is easy for us to train clients how to maintain, with all of the features you need. They also host the website and have great email customer support. You only pay for Squarespace when our gig is done.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      As of right now, we really try to stay away from eCommerce. But if you have a few basic packages of services that you provide like consulting – and want people to be able to buy them from you directly online – we can probably help you with that.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      Yes! All of Squarespace’s websites are fully “responsive” – meaning they auto-adjust to look great on all modern web browsers and devices.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      I will send you a link to watch my screen from any laptop/desktop computer. For audio, you can either dial into a conference line phone number that I provide you with or use a computer headset. It is very efficient! Please have the latest version of Google Chrome download and installed.

    1. Brittney Saulsbury

      As of this time, we don’t do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ourselves.

      Fortunately, Squarespace websites are very SEO-friendly. Websites will do rather well on their own being found by search engines, and additional SEO work can be applied by experts at any time.

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