1. Charita Torrent Answer

    I found that guy: I will create your website content and copy ( $300 )

    Please see FAQ about that one star rating! I've delivered content and had a "buyer" abscond with it, get a refund and leave a bad review as justification.

    Content is still king in 2018.

    If your site is not attracting visitors, converting them into leads and bringing them back again and again, it simply is not performing for you. Each level of this package will power your site with effective inbound content that will perform for you for years to come.

    Landing pages make it easy to showcase a product or service. If you've been hoping to build a list for an email marketing campaign, then this is the right place to start.

    If 2018 is the year you'll start your new website or power your brand to the next level, then the quickstart site package is right for you. This gig is designed for those who want their own online business or need an online presence but don't know what to use for copy.

    If you know you need a business blog -- or have a neglected one, then the blog pack is perfect for your brand.  If you've gotten behind and don't have time to write, this pack lets you enjoy all of the benefits of content marketing without spending all your time writing.
    1. Charita Torrent

      I know, right? Scary stuff. Apparently it’s the new scam on Fiverr — order content, keep it and then cancel, leaving a one star review behind.

    1. Charita Torrent

      I can! The content offered in this gig is designed to give you something to share, to talk about and to offer your customers. If you need social media or conventional marketing support, let’s chat – -those are a separate gig right here on Fiverr.

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