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    I found that guy: I will identify, remove and disavow bad links ( $100 )

    I have 8 years of SEO experience. Recently, I was a VP of a company which focuses on search engine optimization in the US and Canada; I managed 10 employees. Today, I have my own SEO firm and serve SMBs worldwide.

    Removing spam backIinks is important for SEO and required for lifting Google Penguin Manual or Algorithm penalty. 

    What do you get when you purchase this Gig?

    Disavow Link Removal Package - Complete manual analysis on all your site's backIinks to find and address of high risk domains in a disavow file. This package can be suitable for Penguin Algo Penalty or Manual Penalty.
    Disavow and Manual Link Removal – Includes Disavow Package + Submitting to Webmasters removal requests. This package can be suitable for Penguin Algo Penalty or Manual Penalty.
    Fully Recovery Package – Include Disavow and Manual Link Removal + Write a reconsideration request and submit all documentation. This package is only suitable for Penguin Manual Penalty.

    What will you receive in the deliverable? 

    Link Analysis File
    Spreadsheet of the removal requests, print screens and disavow file. 

    For sites with 500+ links, please check the extras below.

    1. Ami Sargent

      We have 8+ years experience in high-level SEO. We have vast experience in sites recovered by us as we know how to bring results and what to do in order to improve your site’s organic status.
      Client satisfaction is our number 1 priority! the reviews and reputation speak for themselves.

    1. Ami Sargent

      It is the name for penalty caused by low quality backlinks. Google detects unnatural site’s link profile and degrade the site in positions.

    1. Ami Sargent

      Please check the Extras, if you don’t know how many links your site has, please contact us before purchasing the Gig, and we will be happy to check it for you!

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