1. Florencia Kelter Answer

    I found that guy: I will design a beautiful and intuitive website or web app ( $1000 )

    I'm a professional Silicon Valley designer with 10+ years of experience, and I can't wait to help design your website.

    What you'll get with this gig

    • Full end-to-end wireframes
    • High fidelity visual designs
    • Invision prototype

    About me

    • 100% custom UI/UX design
    • 10+ years of professional design experience
    • Friendly & Canadian!
    • Fluent English

    Why hire me?
    I design every single element (loading, login, error states, edge cases, the full end-to-end experience) so developers have no question of what to build. To get an app to look and feel right is a lot of work, and I deliver on it. I have experience building sites (both large and small) that are used by over 500 million people, and understand that every subtle user interaction can make or break whether someone will choose to spend their time on your product. I can't wait to get started!

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