1. Xavier Picken Answer

    I found that guy: I will design a great ui and ux for your mobile app ( $800 )


    I'm a freelance UI designer for both mobile and web, I've worked on multiple client projects and I also like to enhance my skills by creating my own apps as side projects.

    My style is minimal, I like to focus on the user interaction with the app design, make sure their experience is seamless. My background as a developer also works as an added element to my designs.

    All the designs would be created using Sketch app, here's a list of what you'll get:
    • Source file: .sketch
    • Exports: .png/.jpeg
    • Assets: Icons(.svg) and stock photo(.png/jpeg)
    • Interactive Prototype for Standard and Premium Packages

    Unsure which OS you want to build your app? Maybe I can help you with that.
    Targeting the right demographic, includes user base, OS, market and etc; all of those affect the design of your app.

    Just send me a message, and I'll do my best to help. :)
    1. Xavier Picken

      I’ll provide you the sketch files, jpeg and png versions of the design, svg files of the icons (if available).
      I’ll also send an interactive mockup/prototype link of the designs.

    1. Xavier Picken

      I usually ask for brand/style guidelines (if available), specs, wireframes (if available), colors, themes, links to sample apps or moodboards.

    1. Xavier Picken

      Yes, I can design for both, but I charge by the # of screens.
      If you’re planning to create an app for Android and iOS, and say you have 3 screens for each OS, that’ll be a total of 6 screens.
      Each OS has its own design pattern, as such needs to be designed specifically to their guidelines.

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