1. Shelley Eyler Answer

    I found that guy: I will design a hand lettering signature logo ( $560 )

    Every business strives to have a unique brand and the most original things are made by hand. Hand lettering is the timeless art of letter drawing and it is never out of fashion, even today’s advanced digital tools can’t replace this classic. Each letter is drawn in an original way and together they form a unique composition. 

    With this technique I am able to create a unique and memorable brand identity based on the features and personality of your company. Every letter is constructed with careful attention and detail creating a one-of-a-kind logo, because anything made by hand can never be repeated.

    In this Gig you will receive a custom, hand-drawn logo that your customers will strongly associate with your company. The logo will be delivered in high resolution with transparency and the source file so that you may use the logo anywhere you wish as well as a social media kit.
    1. Shelley Eyler

      Yes, the final result it’s going to be digital, But the process at the beginning it’s going to be by hand

    1. Shelley Eyler

      Not all the companies are equal, so their Stationery shouldn’t be either. You’ll have the chance to select up to five pieces from a list (Letterhead, Business card, Folder, Invoice, Email Signature, Labels, Stickers, etc) those that could suit best your company needs.

    1. Shelley Eyler

      Cover and profile images for Social media platforms. The platforms will be those that your company use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc)

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