1. Jerrod Corrales Answer

    I found that guy: I will design a stunning seamless pattern ( $130 )

    Please write me a message before placing an order. And we'll discuss your idea in details.

    Patterns are everywhere around us in everyday's life, because repeated images simply cheer us up!

    I've created tens of beautiful patterns for different global companies, so if you want your product to win the hearts of your customers and standout in the market, I'll be happy to help you create a beautiful and eye-catching pattern or even a full collection of patterns.  

    Here are some ideas how you can apply the pattern design:

    • Fabric design
    • Stationery
    • Interior wallpapers
    • Apparel design
    • Scrapbooking
    • Branding

    Once you place the order, We will discuss all the details and I'll create a pencil sketch of the pattern you choose. Then, we'll discuss this sketch and I will start to color it.

    All the packages are ready for commercial use. It means that you can print these designs on your products and sell it. Also, the source file will be included.

    So, check out my portfolio and let's start bringing your concept to life!
    1. Jerrod Corrales

      Once you place the order, We will discuss all the details and I’ll create a pencil sketch. Then, we’ll discuss this sketch and I will start to color it in Adobe Illustrator.

    1. Jerrod Corrales

      All the packages are ready for commercial use. It means that you can print these designs on your products and sell it. Also, the source file will be included.

    1. Jerrod Corrales

      I have a huge experience in drawing (including academical drawing) – more than 10 years & more than 7 years of practice in digital arts. I’m never stop learning new skills and work on something almost every day because I’m in love with my work. I’m highly experienced in remote working with clents.

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