1. Tuan Loffler Answer

    I found that guy: I will design an awesome custom logo ( $400 )

    The goal of this gig is to provide a custom logo for you that isn’t just awesome-looking but it also makes sense - it communicates, reflects, and represents the values, soul, spirit, and style of your brand.

    Each logo design includes the logo itself in every basic form, this meaning: THE logo, logo + slogan, color palette, logo in black and white, and reduced logo (this may vary depending on your needs).

    To fully know what you get in each package, please read the FAQs with attention! You can also find there more information about me, my work, and my design process.

    If any of these packages won't suit you, feel free to contact me for a custom offer. I also enjoy working on editorial design, packaging design, illustration, and lettering (I do not do any web or ui/ux design work).

    Thanks for stopping by! :)
    1. Tuan Loffler

      The Brand Identity Guidelines is a little manual that will keep you from getting lost when actually putting your brand into action. This will set the usage guides of color palette, typography, photography and illustration style, do’s and don’ts of your brand, plus anything that your brand may need.

    1. Tuan Loffler

      This package will give you a more accurate and elaborated logo design and will set the foundations for your brand identity

      – 2 Initial proposals
      – 2 Revisions of chosen proposal
      – Choose between: Stationary Design or Social Media Assets
      – Source File + High Resolution File

  2. Lavenia Auguste

    Your delivery times are kinda long, and for making it worse, you don’t even offer extra fast delivery! Why?

    1. Tuan Loffler

      For me, designing a logo is not just delivering a PDF or a PNG. My aim is to deliver the best quality work on a reasonable time, and to achieve that I like to take the time to know your brand and to explore the creative possibilities. If you’re looking for fast-food design, this is not the place!

    1. Tuan Loffler

      Social Media Assets include profile and cover picture for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, +1 more social network of your choice, if needed.

    1. Tuan Loffler

      The Good Package will provide you with the basic to get your brand going:

      – 1 Logo Design (1 initial proposal)
      – 2 Revisions of said proposal
      – Logo file with transparency in high resolution

    1. Tuan Loffler

      If quality is what you want, quality is what you pay for. Think of this as an investment – the logo of your brand is possibly the only same thing that you will use through all its existence. It can define your brand succeeding or not.

  3. Carma Mcconico

    Okay, you convinced me. I want a real professional logo. But there are other pro gigs… then why should I choose YOU?

    1. Tuan Loffler

      I’m very responsible, I respect the deadlines and I’m organized. I’m hard worker and detail-oriented – I can guarantee you that the result will look awesome and will be the perfect fit for your brand. My job is not only to deliver a file – I’m here to help with any design concern, in any way I can.

    1. Tuan Loffler

      This package will give you the perfect logo design for your brand and the full brand guidelines for its development

      – 2 Initial proposals
      – 3 Revisions of chosen proposal
      – Stationary Design
      – Social Media Assets
      – Source File + High Resolution File
      – Brand Identity Guidelines

    1. Tuan Loffler

      Well, no, because it’s not my logo, it’s yours. And you’re probably a very nice client, so you totally deserve it. BUT, with great power comes great responsibility. Please don’t use it to explore you’re creative side, and please respect it and don’t corrupt it 🙂

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