1. Dee Hons Answer

    I found that guy: I will design an engaging professional presentation ( $390 )

    We provide a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL custom presentation design for any business need.
    Our portfolio of presentations include a wide variety of design approaches, each tailored to the customer's brand and business needs. 

    Some presentation are more complicated than others, require more attention to graphic language, or even require custom design of data in the forms of interesting and engaging graphs, charts, and infographics. All of these may significantly affect the price. 
    We therefore ask that you CONTACT US FIRST for inquiries! We can EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS if we understand your needs and expectations in advance. 


    We understand that this may negatively affect the number of orders we get, but it is more important to us that you become another satisfied loyal customer. 

    Please take a look at our portfolio, click on the PDF files in our portfolio to see more work.
    1. Dee Hons

      Infographics is a visually graphic method to depict data and messaging. Essentially it’s a way to captivate your audience with creative visualization of the data and messaging you are trying to convey.

    1. Dee Hons

      We do, and we have done dozens of them in the past. We have a pro Prezi account which assures your presentation privacy. It is NOT a standard part of the Gig as it is highly complex and pricing depends on content and needs. Please contact us with your specific needs to get a quote.

    1. Dee Hons

      This really depends on what the customer needs. Our work ranges from small 10-slide presentations with mostly text, to large 200-slide presentations with dozens of graphs, charts, infographics and high-quality images with image manipulation and photoshop work.
      Whatever you need – we can provide.

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