1. Judson Tewell Answer

    I found that guy: I will design an on the mark brochure or flyer ( $290 )

    I have been creating all of my life, in all kinds of mediums, and as a graphic designer I am most passionate about the branding and print field, including all its applications: Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Logos, Business Cards, Invitations, Rollups and more. 
    My expertise is taking words and ideas and transforming it into visual reality.

    Brochures and Flyers are your meeting point with your audience, whether you are Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer or Personal User -  it should not only be beautiful and an eye-catcher, but have a fitting hierarchy, to accurately deliver your message. 

    My work process is structured to ensure the best result possible:
    1. I will want to hear all about what you had in mind, your requirements and needs
    2. You will send me all of the relevant necessary content (text and images). 
    3. I will send you an initial layout, according to all of the above.
    4. Revisions: We will continue to work on the layout together - I will design & refine it according to your comments.
    5. Your Flyer/Brochure is ready! 

    Recommendation: Please feel free to contact me before placing an order, and we will tailor the most fitting deal for what you need.
    1. Judson Tewell

      Revisions are refining steps, based on your comments and proofreading, starting after the initial layout. The goal is to finish all of the necessary revisions ASAP, and before the order’s delivery time. Some may require extra time, if so, I will let you know and we will discuss the options.

    1. Judson Tewell

      Being a Fiverr PRO means I was vetted and verified by Fiverr’s team of experts as a professional designer.
      You can always count on me to work in a professional constructed process and deliver high quality work.

    1. Judson Tewell

      I will design based on the content that you provide – texts and images (if needed).
      Make sure that the images are either your originals or licensed for Commercial Use.
      I can provide the images for an extra charge, according to your descriptions.

    1. Judson Tewell

      Basic folded brochures contains 4 pages, you can add more pages for an extra charge – 4 pages in each, for the technical reason of enabling the print and fold process.

    1. Judson Tewell

      The files are Print-Ready, quality PDF and JPG, 300dpi, including bleeds and crop marks.
      It is best to ask your printing house for their specific requirements, and include them while placing the order.

    1. Judson Tewell

      My expertise is taking words and ideas and transforming it into visual reality.
      I design: Logos, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Invitations, Rollups, Banners and more.
      Please feel free to contact me and we will tailor the most fitting deal for what you need.

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