1. Neda Stabb Answer

    I found that guy: I will design and build a custom chatbot for your business ( $150 )

    Chatbots are the future!

    It's predicted that in 2020 about 85% of customers will interact with chatbots. 
    Chatbots are widely used by businesses to improve efficiency and costs. Join this revolution today!

    With my technical expertise in ML, Chatbots and NLP, I will build you a custom branded chatbot that will improve your business activities with: 
    • Cost reduction in Customer Acquisition and service costs
    • Lead Nurturing and Retention
    • Increase Brand awareness
    • Building trust and relationships with customers 
    I have built chatbots for top companies like edX, Manning, and Roverside. I also created chatbot libraries which are used at top companies like HSBC bank.

    What will you get?
    • FREE 30 min consultation to discuss how can we use a chatbot for your business. 
    • Conversational design
    • Building a Chatbot and Deploying to a platform(s) of choice
    • Analytics

    What is the work process?
    • Ping me for a free consultation 
    • I will design a conversational flow based on your business
    • Once you approve the flow I will build and deploy the chatbot

    Please feel free to ping me and I will be happy to create a chatbot for you! 

    1. Neda Stabb

      This depends on the market your business is targeting. If your business provides work related services then it might be a good option to consider either a slack, Skype teams bot. However if your business provides non-work related services then a messenger bot might be a good option.

    1. Neda Stabb

      I have been working on chatbots for the last 3 years, building chatbots internally when I worked at Microsoft and also externally for multiple business since I switched careers. I also have expertise in the areas of machine learning, natural language processing and conversational design.

    1. Neda Stabb

      I can use Dialogflow (Google), wit.ai (Facebook) or LUIS (Microsoft) based on your preference. I personally recommend Dialogflow.

      I can also set up a private NLP server if you are worried about sharing data. Please choose the “Private NLP” gig extra if you need this.

    1. Neda Stabb

      By design I mean after discussing your use case with you I will come up with a conversational flow script appropriate for your business.

    1. Neda Stabb

      Please go ahead and ping me and we can discuss your use case. I do this consultation for free and it is my aim to do my best to help your business.

      Having said that chatbots are awesome and can help all kinds of businesses.

    1. Neda Stabb

      For simple messenger chatbots I use Chatfuel. For more complicated bots or other messenger platforms I can either use Microsoft Bot Framework if you prefer C# or node.js as a programming language or use Flask-Wizard if your prefer me to use Python

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