1. Lorrie Mander Answer

    I found that guy: I will design and code your HTML marketing email ( $120 )

    I will Design and code your custom made email marketing template. When its custom made, you can use with any email marketing tool that supports HTML. The designs are made from scratch and hand coded.

    My templates are not just excellent to look, but also brings in results.

    Having worked with top marketing people from several agencies across the globe, I have drafted few guidelines that I follow which helps with less spam rate, increased clicks and more leads.

    Why Me:
    * Verified Fiverr pro member
    * Manage nearly 50 client email marketing account.
    * A Top rated HTML email designer and developer on many portals.
    * An certified email developer for mailchimp and few other Email sending systems.
    * Developed nearly 2k emails that are less in spam and high in delivery rates.
    * Complete testing is done to make sure your email looks perfect on all email clients.

    1. Lorrie Mander

      Yes, my first selection would be from your website. If I don’t find good images, I will source it from my image bank account. No extra fee for images.

    1. Lorrie Mander

      Yes, this will work on all email sending software of your choice as long as the email sending software accepts HTML

    1. Lorrie Mander

      Yes, my email templates are tested well and it works fine on all email clients like outlook, gmail and responsive for mobile devices. Designs would look consistent across all email clients.

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