1. Lashawn Burgie Answer

    I found that guy: I will design and develop an effective wordpress site ( $435 )

    With 12 years of WordPress development experience, I'll create a site that helps your business stand out, connect with customers and is easy to navigate & update. 

    I develop on WordPress because it's a fantastic platform for small businesses. From portfolios to sales pages to e-commerce, WordPress can be used for just about anything. 

    I've worked for major web development agencies and have had clients from the startup stage all the way to Fortune 100 companies. 

    How We'll Work Together

    1. Establish Clear Goals and Requirements 
    We'll meet to discuss the outcomes you want to achieve and come up with goals for your site that match your budget and company needs. 

    2.  Project Plan
    I'll create a project plan that will be the guide to creating the website along with recommendations for design and content. 

    3. Content 
    No one knows your business better than you. I'll send you a step-by-step questionnaire to write content and provide and needed graphical elements.
    4. Development
    I'll keep you informed along the way so that you can provide feedback. 

    5. Launch 
    I'll transfer the site to your web host and you'll be in business!
    1. Lashawn Burgie

      There are a few additional costs to be aware of and I can help you with all of them. The theme ($60+) hosting ($15+) and additional software licenses may be required depending on what we need for the project

    1. Lashawn Burgie

      Fiverr Pro is an exclusive category of verified individuals & companies, hand-picked to offer high-end services because they have proven their expertise.

    1. Lashawn Burgie

      Absolutely! All of our landing pages meet today’s standards – responsive web design. This ensures your website looks great on all devices.

    1. Lashawn Burgie

      It’s always best to send me a message first so I can better understand your needs and business goals. I would recommend we have an introductory call to get to know you better.

    1. Lashawn Burgie

      Yes, I can do that. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your site hosting or remembering to renew your domain, I’d be happy to manage it all for you. Of course, you will have full ownership in case you ever want to log in yourself.

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