1. Lily Fickert Answer

    I found that guy: I will design bespoke UI for your website or app ( $850 )

    I'm an award winning designer, with years of experience. I have provided high quality design to dozens of happy clients both large and small.

    All my designs are made custom for your business and it's audience. All my site are designed with the user in mind and focuses on goal completion.

    Small Site Package Includes

    • 5 pages/screens
    • Designs for both mobile and desktop screen sizes
    • 2 Rounds of revisions

    Med Site Package Includes

    • 10 pages/screens
    • Designs for both mobile and desktop screen sizes
    • 2 Rounds of revisions

    Premium Package Includes

    • 20 pages/screens
    • Designs for both mobile and desktop screen sizes
    • 2 Rounds of revisions

    Any questions or need a custom proposal made up feel free to contact me.
    1. Lily Fickert

      • W3 Award winner for web design 2016

      • Adobe Behance – Excellence In the graphic Design

      • Goggle Analytics Certified

    1. Lily Fickert

      I do my designs from a mobile first perspective (unless otherwise asked) once the design is signed of in mobile I will convert them to desktop. (this saves time and money by not having to do changes twice). If you have a particular screen size in mind just let me know.

    1. Lily Fickert

      Yes. If a page/screen in your site is to be a template (reused in the same design but with different content) like a product page then This will only count as 1 page/screen.

    1. Lily Fickert

      I’ve been working in the field of design from the age of 16 and over the years have worked on a vast range of project for client both big and small. My work has won awards and been recognised by adobe for excellence in the field of graphic design.

    1. Lily Fickert

      My usual project process consists of stages

      1. Research & Planning – Plan out the site/app structure and learn as much about you business as possible.

      2. Low Fidelity Designs – Design focusing on layout and flow

      3. Full Designs – Content & imagery added

      4. Site Development (if required)

    1. Lily Fickert

      A revision is basically a request to change a part of the design.

      However I try to be as flexible as possible with these. Small detail changes like swamping an image or a heading tweaking the colour of an element wont be considered as a round of revision.

    1. Lily Fickert

      No the building of the site is not included in this package, however if this is required please message me and I’ll create a custom gig.

    1. Lily Fickert

      I can help with a large range of services including the following:

      Branding & Logo Design
      Branded Materials (business cards, letterheads etc)
      Marketing Graphics
      Website Design
      Website Development
      App Design

      If you have a large project requiring several services please send me a message

    1. Lily Fickert

      Yes to both. If icons/ graphic are required I will design these and they are free for reuse in other media. With regards to imagery I will stick as much as possible to free stock imagery, however I you want/require paid stock you will have to cover the cost of this.

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