1. Hank Taliferro Answer

    I found that guy: I will design original album covers ( $150 )

    Your album cover art is basically a visualization of your distinct sound, your music and style. You want a beautifully designed cover that captures the soul of your work and communicates it to your listeners. Remember that people will see your album before they listen to it!

    I'm a graphic designer, photographer & illustrator with a unique, original style. I have provided artwork for many vinyl covers in a variety of different styles, according to the clients needs. I'm often approached for my unique hand drawn illustrations, keeping my original style while responding to your specific conceptual ideas. I also combine my sketching skills with digital graphics and photography, or create solely digital cover designs.

    What you get from this gig (Depending on chosen plan) 
    • Print-Ready, High Quality Artwork
    • Back, Spine and Record Sticker
    • PNG, JPG, PDF + PSD files
    • 3D Mockup

    Work Process
    1. I listen to your album. It's the best way to guide the creative process.
    2. We have a thorough discussion about your vision and ideas.
    3. I prepare a number of simple example concepts.
    4. We choose one to refine and polish, until we both agree it's perfect!

    Feel free to message me if you have questions!
    1. Hank Taliferro

      I use different mediums to create covers, so I can be very versatile with styles. However, I have my own original hand drawing style, which is very detailed, black pen drawings, as seen in my portfolio. I can tweak this a bit according to your needs, but clients usually ask for it specifically!

    1. Hank Taliferro

      Ideally, I would love to listen to your music for the album, in order to match our design with it. If you have covers and/or art inspirations which you especially like, it helps! If you’re buying a print version I require the template from your printing company or link to their website.

    1. Hank Taliferro

      I am a professional designer with many years of experience in different creative fields such as graphics, illustration, architecture and photography. I studied Graphic Design and Sustainable Architecture in London, UK and have since offered my skills professionally, gathering valuable experience.

    1. Hank Taliferro

      No. I’m happy to design your digital, CD or even cassette cover if you want! Just send me the dimensions and I’ll make it happen.

    1. Hank Taliferro

      A revision is basically applying some changes to existing work. It is NOT changing the design concept completely or coming up with a new design.

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