1. Torie Sukovaty Answer

    I found that guy: I will design professional business cards and stationary ( $210 )

    I offer professional, hand-drawn and original business card and stationary design! 

    With years of experience in different creative fields such as graphics, illustration and photography, I am able to design in a variety of styles in order to match your specific style and values. By truly understanding your vision, I can create the brand identity that suits you personally, helping you build a recognizable image and connect with your customers. I offer digital, clean designs as well as purely hand drawn illustrations, often combining the two for a unique result.

    What you get from this gig (Depending on chosen plan)
    • A complete, ready to print business card (2-3 unique concepts)
    • Up to 3 person details
    • Complete stationary (Letterhead, envelope & additional options)
    • Source files

    Work Process
    1. You send over your existing branding tools (Logos, fonts, colors, etc).
    2. We have a thorough discussion about your brand, your vision and ideas.
    3. I design a number of concepts for you.
    4. We choose one to refine and polish, until we both agree it's perfect!

    Contact me!
    If you have any questions, please message me before placing an order. Always happy to chat :)
    1. Torie Sukovaty

      I am a professional designer with many years of experience in different creative fields such as graphics, illustration, architecture and photography. I studied Graphic Design and Sustainable Architecture in London, UK and have since offered my skills professionally, gathering valuable experience.

    1. Torie Sukovaty

      Name and/or Logo of your business, Company description, and any specific requirements. We will discuss a preferred style suiting your business, choose colors and fonts. Any existing examples of designs you like would also help me understand what you are after!

    1. Torie Sukovaty

      A revision is basically applying some changes to existing work. It is NOT changing the design concept completely or coming up with a new design.

    1. Torie Sukovaty

      This gig does not include logo design, but I offer this service separately on a different gig and I would be more than happy to help you!

    1. Torie Sukovaty

      Yes. All packages include up to 3 people’s details. There’s an extra option you can purchase to add more people.

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