1. Harrison Comfort Answer

    I found that guy: I will design professional level powerpoint presentations for you ( $600 )

    I sherpa your presentation from whatever stage it is in until it is complete and ready to use. I am a Presentation Specialist with over 20 years working in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and other software. High-end, clear & communicative presentations that are on-brand and express data in interesting ways is what I have done for NBC Universal, Bloomberg, L'Oreal, NYU, NRDC, NY Magazine, Pinterest, Sesame Street, Chobani and many other clients across an array of industries. Whether its a pitch, a sales deck, internal meeting, academic lecture, upfront or capital raise, chances are I've done one (or three) before. 

    Typically, within 24 hours, we'll make contact to firm up timing, expectation and expected budget if it's more or less than what you expected (no surprises here!) If this is a polishing job, next step is to deliver a full draft; if this is more of a design task, I'll send you a 2-3 slide sample to ensure the project is heading in the right direction. A full draft can usually be provided within 48 hours and we can adjust until you're satisified. Communication is key so we both know we're happy!

    If you're in NYC, I'm happy to come in for a meeting.
    1. Harrison Comfort

      Yes. I can either work to bring your current design farther out, or we can change it up to suit your needs.

    1. Harrison Comfort

      Every project is different. You can purchase extra days and extra slides a-la carte once we determine the budget and timeline.

    1. Harrison Comfort

      I can definitively say…maybe! If it’s already complete and in a working template, depending on it’s state I could blast through 200 slides in a day. That would be mostly polishing and cleaning up with minimal design needs. If it’s 200 slides of handwritten notes, I would say…probably not!

    1. Harrison Comfort

      Only after I see where the presentation is and what the expectations and needs are, can I offer a realistic timeframe that includes budget. Let’s talk and sort it out — custom work comes in all shapes and sizes.

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