1. Fabiola Reichelderfer Answer

    I found that guy: I will design screenshots for your ios and android app

    Studio Mosaic has delivered 350+ ASO projects resulting in a 2x to 8x increase in daily downloads. We were named the Digital Marketing & Design Agency Global Leader 2017 & ranked #3 App Marketing Agency in the world

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    Screenshots are THE most important aspect of marketing. While the keywords will help improve our app store discovery, it’s the icon and screenshots that will impact downloads. The app screenshots need to tell a story and be more appealing to the user that is reaching the app page on the app store. We need not use actual app screens but should create a storyboard experience wherein people understand what the app offers by simply swiping through the screenshots.

    1. Fabiola Reichelderfer

      Screenshots are the most crucial aspects of our store presence. Screenshots briefly explain the user, what the app offers, what are its features and how can the user benefit from the app.

    1. Fabiola Reichelderfer

      It’s necessary to have good quality appealing screenshots to provide a pleasing look to our app on the store. We strategise to design the screenshot in the form of a storyboard for the user to easily understand the app offering and thus helps in our conversion rate i.e. more downloads.

    1. Fabiola Reichelderfer

      Please note that the price of the packages includes 1 platform only i.e either iOS or Android. In case your app is built on both the platforms, you can purchase this Gig twice.

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