1. Roman Millick Answer

    I found that guy: I will design the perfect logo type for you ( $800 )

    Briefing & Research

    To ensure the best result, we research the company`s environment as well as our client`s needs  Based on this research we collect the adequate information to work on it.  

    Design Development

    1. The design process will begin with the development of two (2) alternatives for the brand’s logo. The client will select one of the two alternatives and make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve the desired concept and design. 

    2. We will present it again and the client can make some other corrections. 

    3. Approval of final concept. With an approved logo, the design process will continue with the development of the agreed deliverables and completion of all materials for execution and production according to the package.

    Our objective is to design a unique and functional concept to position the company  with a conceptual platform that can compete to future proof. 

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