1. Rich Lauwers Answer

    I found that guy: I will design top quality UI for your mobile app ( $180 )

    Hello there,

    I give utmost Priority to the following while designing a mobile app UI:

    1. Clarity - Important elements are made easily viewable and readable using size and contrast of elements.
    2. Precision - Everything on the page is spaced out and arranged perfectly using grids and guidelines
    3. Cleanliness - No clutters allowed. 'What can be removed' is the usual thought rather than 'what can be added'. That way, users get the right information in minimum time.

    Workflow of this gig

    Step 1: An initial talk to exchange the requirement, ideas, and transferring of design assets like the logo, images, textual content etc
    Step 2: I will design the one screen using photoshop and give you a preview
    Step 3: You can ask for changes if you need or you can approve the design
    Step 4: I will design other screens

    Please send a message before you place an order so that there's clarity on project requirements and timeline.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks - Shabin

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