1. Tyson Lebowitz Answer

    I found that guy: I will design unique album cover ( $275 )

    I don’t accept offers from people who want just any banal style. If you are looking for second rate design, then this message is not for you. 

    "Making something that's going to catch people's eyes within seconds is important. People only have that amount of time to be instantly attached to what you create. And you have to either grab their attention or you lose them right away.” - Mihailo Andic.

    I will design something exceptional just and only for you, and not just a picture with a text.  If you want to stand out from other musicians, not only through your music but also thanks to a unique, customized album cover, then I have what you need. Every project is tailored to your needs, so your band can really reach the top!

    For 275$ order you will get :

    • Highest Quality Front cover (3000x3000 pixels JPEG in 300 dpi),
    • Commercial use of Your album cover,
    • Artistic touch and beautiful tailored design, 
    • Money Back Guaranteed,
    • 3 revisions.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    Don’t wait, order today!

    1. Tyson Lebowitz

      I’m using images I took by myself, clients images or royalty free stock photos (totally free commercial use). If You want we can choose photos from paid stocks and work on it.

    1. Tyson Lebowitz

      I’ll guide You through all creative process from beginning to the end. If You have any question don’t hesitate to ask!

    1. Tyson Lebowitz

      Yes, I’m gonna send You all files in PDF’s CMYK format (which is best for printing) and high-resolution files (3000×3000, 300dpi) for websites in JPEG’s format.

    1. Tyson Lebowitz

      I have over 5 years of professional graphic design experience and about 120 covers made for clients around the world only in last year. I love what I do and I put all my heart in it!

    1. Tyson Lebowitz

      If it’s possible I would like to listen to Your song or album. To match our design to Your taste I need covers and/or art inspirations which You especially like. If You buying printing version of an album I’m gonna need template from Your printing company or link to their website.

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