1. Meredith Dest Answer

    I found that guy: I will design your app UI ( $450 )

    Multi-Award-Winning British Designer

    Some client reviews:

    • "Heather's been easy to work and communicate with despite a 5 hour time difference. I would recommend Heather to anyone in need of a logo, brochure, website and more!"

    • "Heather is very easy to work with and responsive to client instructions. Happy to recommend."

    Mobile and Web Apps have to be stupid simple to use. If you are anticipating vast numbers of users, it is essential that the user interface (UI) is self-explanatory. Get this right and you will greatly reduce support requests and improve overall user happiness.

    I have designed dozens of mobile and web apps for both Apple and Android OS’s. I am knowledgeable and keep up to date on the guidelines, particularly from Apple.

    Although I am not a programmer, I have worked alongside PHP, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift and Java developers over the past few years, this makes it very easy for me to understand the development cost and know what is possible within your budget.


    1. Meredith Dest

      I usually ask for brand/style guidelines if this isn’t available I send out a small questionnaire. Other useful bits: wireframes, colours, themes, links to sample site or moodboards.

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